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The fast life of Clerkenwell calls for a wardrobe that is always ready to dress you for every occasion. If not managed properly, this can take a heavy toll on your pocket. We at the Online Tailors have brought the perfect solution for the people of Clerkenwell. Now you can dress well and appropriately for every occasion that comes your way, without going shopping all the time. Furthermore, we strive to minimize wastage of clothes that are often discarded because they are outdated, are damaged or don’t fit any more. All you need to do is click on our link for repairs or cheap alterations in Clerkenwell. We specialize in repair and alteration of all kinds of clothes. Whether they are for men or for women, casual or formal, we have the expertise to convert your clothes into attractive and trendy outfits that you will love. The quality of our work can be endorsed by the fine stitching and finishing in each and every outfit. Our professionals are trained to give your clothes the cuts that will compliment your size and physique, transforming your clothes into custom made outfits that suit your style. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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Come to us for the best suit alterations in Clerkenwell. Whether it is your old suit that is not trendy enough or a new suit that does not fit right, we can update it according to your taste and size. We will give it designer cuts that that will make you stand out in your occasion. We also have state of art wedding dress alterations, aimed at making your bridal dress unique and stylish so that you stand out in your special occasion. We can also repair all kinds of clothes including torn or ripped shirts or jackets with broken zippers.