Here is a very easy to follow guide to take your measurements at home now. For this all you need is an accurate tape. Note: Don’t breathe in while taking measurements.

For Men & Women
  • Neck

    Measure around your neck. Determine the level where your collar shirt would sit.

  • Chest

    Place the tape under the armpits and around the widest point of your chest – usually at the same level as the nipples. Special tip: Breathe in take the measurement and then breathe out this would never let your size dangle.

  • Bust and Under Bust (for Ladies)

    Measure over the fullest part of the bust and around the back. For the under- bust, hold the tape and put it across the chest under the bust and around the back as well.

  • Shoulders

    Straight your posture then lay your measuring tape from the tip of your left shoulder to the tip of your right shoulder.

  • Sleeves

    For both sleeves, measure from the tip of your shoulder to the wrist of your arm. Or according to the length you want.

  • Waist

    Put the tape all around your waist, roughly at the level of your navel. For ladies, lay the tape around the natural waist curve.

  • Hips

    To avoid any uncertainty carefully measure over the widest part of the seat and thighs.

  • Seat

    Measure the widest point around your hips and buttocks.

  • Thigh

    Put the tape around your thigh and measure its widest point. To measure this you need the area couple of inches below the crotch.

  • Inside leg

    Stand with legs a bit apart. Measure from the lowest part of the crotch, along the inside of your leg, and down to wherever you’d like the bottom of the trousers to end. The length should allow the bottom to rest on the shoe but not touch the floor. Golden Point: If you have well-fitting trousers, get the inside leg measurement from that pair.

  • Outside leg

    Measure from the top of your waistband, along the side of your leg, and down to where you’d like the bottom of the trousers to end. Like the inside leg measurement, make sure that the bottom rests on your shoe and not the floor. For this you can also use the clothes that better fits you.