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We are Online Tailors

It is about you and us!

At Online Tailors we work 24/7 for the comfort of our clients. No one knows when an emergency occurs; we aim to serve you whenever you want. The dressing is like a representation of your choice; we never compromise on the quality of our work. With comfort, we serve to repair and alteration services online.

Our Working Policy


You need to first confirm that our merchandise is available at the time of collection or agreed on delivery date.

We'll arrange a collection 

When our courier is not able to collect a product due to the unavailability of any person at the designated time. In this case, if you insist to send via some other source or by outsourcing we are supposed to reach you then according to our rules some extra charges would apply.


We have a right to reserve the change in the charges according to the requirement of replication of dresses.


An agreement between you and our Online Tailors for any update in the repair or alteration is be updated by considering our rules, regulations, and terms of conditions. According to your order confirmed requirements more updates will be added on under the laws and regulations allotted by our company.


When you send any product to us; you ensure that it is your property and on your behalf, you want to get repair and alteration services. In case, if you are not the owner you must have proper permissions to get these services.

Please check your belongings fully before sending them to Online Tailors, like any precious thing jewelry, money, or anything else. If we find anything; we highly try to return it to you but for security purposes, we are not responsible for any such thing which we haven’t demanded! Be aware of the withdrawal of anything from us cost delivery charges you are asked to pay.

It was introduced to you that all our services are full of excellence from beginning to ending. Don’t worry we are here for you. Online Tailors are now available almost in every city in the UK.