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Finchley Road

The high life of the city of Finchley Road calls for an updated and trendy look wherever you go. Spending on clothes each time to attain the look that you desire can be tiresome and expensive. Planning your wardrobe involves deciding what will suit you, the ongoing trends, the season and most of all the cost. Not everyone is an expert in this and might end up buying clothes that are unnecessary or do not suit them. This results in discarding those outfits and buying new ones. Online tailors have now started operations in your city with the mission to save you from all this trouble and dress you in the most desirable and cost effective manner. Our professionals from various fields are versed with the latest fashion trends, designing techniques and stitching tips. They know just what it takes to make a fashion statement and they do this by altering and repairing your existing clothes that you have discarded due to minor flaws. The result is an outfit that is not only cheap but is customized according to your size and figure, following the latest fashion trends. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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We repair and alter all kinds of clothes for both men and women. This includes repair of your favorite clothes that are damaged or torn, fixing of hems, jacket zippers and buttons that are broken. We fix all that and add value to your outfit by giving it the perfect finishing. Our alteration services for men include bespoke suits, leather jacket alteration, fitting of men’s suits, trousers, dress shirts and jeans. For women we alter formal and casual trousers, bridal dresses, prom dresses, engagement dresses, shirts and lingerie.