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When it comes to fashion, we all follow the vibes. Fast changing fashion trends, however, can end up in wastage of many clothes that we own and might result in overspending our budget. Sometimes we find ourselves discarding our clothes that are damaged or need alterations, at other times, we try to get them altered or repaired but end up spoiling the whole outfit even more. This is because repair and alteration is an art that not everyone can master. Although many have entered the profession, there are very few who have the formidable skills to actually give your clothes the look that you want. Comfort and smartness paired with the right kind of finishing are some very important things required in the right outfit. The right cuts and fashion compatibility should follow. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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Our team of Online tailors have multiple dressing skills, and have come together to convert any outfit into the most sensational, graceful and fashionable wear. We keep in view your body type, your age, the ongoing fashion trends and the occasion while planning the change in your wardrobe. The result is a tailor made and attractive outfit with top quality stitching and finishing. To further add value to our services, we provide delivery and pick up services from your doorstep so that your time and effort can be saved even more. Our after sale customers services and friendly staff is always there to help you out after the repair or alteration in case you want any more changes. Our services are directed towards both men and women for all kinds of clothes including casual and formal wear. We repair torn clothes, broken zippers and hems. Our alter services include bridal dress alterations, suit alterations, trouser alteration, jeans alteration and a lot more.