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Getting a new outfit for every occasion is not only a tiresome process but is also leaves a big dent on the pocket. Sometimes it is better to reuse these clothes after transforming the same into attractive, well fitted and customized wear. This process saves time and energy provided that you get the perfect tailors for the job. Repair and alteration services are now available at your door step in Notting Hill. Contact us online to solve all your clothing needs, perfected in a customized manner and according to your preferences. The services we provide include repair and alterations of all kinds of clothes that are either damaged, torn or require fitting. By adding value to your outfits at cheap and affordable prices, we convert your old and probably rejected clothes into the most sought after and trendy designs. We often find ourselves discarding our clothes due to minor flaws like a torn sleeve, or a hemline that has opened. Or maybe we don’t like the fitting of the new outfits that we have recently purchased and end up stocking it in our wardrobe never to be worn again. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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We have made your search for tailors and alterations near you easy, just click on our link of online tailors and fill in your details. Once we know your requirements, we give your wardrobe the fitting that you deserve at pocket friendly prices. We alter and repair all kinds of clothes for both men and women whether they are formal or casual wear. Examples of our work include fitting of prom and party dresses for women, suits for women, women’s shirts, jeans and skirts. Similarly we alter men’s suits to perfection, repair broken zippers, alter jeans and jackets and fix loose trousers.