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The zip of jackets once broken is difficult to fix but our workers works so smartly that we repair and fix the jacket zippers in a fine way. We also repair and alter every kind of gents stuff. We offer cheapest jeans alteration in Soho and the jeans alteration may cost you only few rupees with delivery on your door. For men’s suit alterations, Online Tailor suits you the best because we change the size of men suit as if it’s a new one! Do you love to be a fashionista? Is your passion wearing the dress that fit you well and makes you stand out? If you are looking for the online service that cares for you and your clothes like no one else can, Online Tailors London is the best deal in town. We provide all kind and styles of clothes stitching, alteration and repairs in Soho. You name the service, and we are at your doorstep to cater you with the best. Leather jackets are classy and always in trend. You never want to give away your favorite leather jacket if the size of your jacket has changed and it doesn’t fits you anymore. For such situation, we offer cheap leather jacket alteration that will never let your leather jacket looks outdated or worn out. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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Online Tailors is a unique concept that provides all clothes-related services at your home anywhere in Soho. If your favorite dress is torn badly, bitten by a moth or need any other type of repair and alteration, we are here to do every kind of alteration in cheapest rates. We repair jackets, zip of men clothes, wedding dresses, moth bite holes, stubborn stains, changing the length of your favorite dress, alteration in maternity or wedding dresses, changing the size of sleeves, shoulders, length of trousers and much more.