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We alter formal wear, including office wear and party wear. Now there’s no need to discard your expensive clothes just because they are not trendy enough or do not fit your any more. We have a better solution for you. We will alter all these clothes and convert them according to your size, preference and the ongoing trends. Are your suits lying around in your wardrobe, waiting to be worn? Bring them to us so that we make you want to wear them. We will give them the style and class that you will love, with the cuts and size that goes well with your physique. Online tailors are now in Upper Street! We specialize in altering and repairing all sorts of clothes whether they are for men or women. Bring us your formal or casual wear for efficient alteration or repair. Just click on the link for the ultimate solution to all your wardrobe malfunctions. Our accomplished designers, fashion experts and tailors know how just how to put your failed wardrobe in perfect order. Contact us for perfect and timely jeans alterations. If you are planning to throw away your favorite jeans just because they do not fit, think again, maybe they can be fitted according to your size again. We repair all kinds of clothes, including torn sleeves and blouses. Is your leather jacket damaged? Bring it to us for repair with perfect finishing. We also fix ripped buttons, broken zippers and hemlines. 20% off on your first Order with code GET20OFF

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We also alter bridal wear by giving it the most appealing cuts and transforming it into an outfit that will last a life time. We also alter different types of party wear such as birthday and prom wear, along with office trousers and dress shirts.